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NEW RELEASE!!! DEAD END BOYS...Farrell Bros latest from UK label Raucous Records is now available! get yer copy today and rock the house! ...stand by for venue updates...more to come!

cOmE On iN kAtS 'n kIttEnS! wEb-O-fArRelL iS hErE. - The Farrell Bros rock like krazy! Frantic Rockabilly with a Country Twang, a Punk Rock attitude n' shit-kickin' sibling harmonies, it's understandable why the Farrell's have been described as 'The Everly Bros meet The Sex Pistols or Hank Williams at double speed'. With a live show that walks the fine line between sublime harmony and rampant binary option demo account acoustic assault, this powerful duo guarantees a lesson in the true essence of Rock n' Roll. The Farrell Bros. started in Selkirk, Manitoba Canada in 1998 with Gordie n' Shawn each playing guitar. After releasing their debut, 'The Ballad of Jackpine Slash', they hooked up with a rhythm section for 2000's 'Go To Hell' EP. While the Bros sound is rooted in the traditional 50's Rockabilly, they incorporate other musical elements and themes into their hybrid mix.

  -THE FARRELL BROS. - DEAD END BOYS - (Raucous Records 2007) - Well folks, here it is! Our latest international effort. What was Curbstomp Boogie to Rumble at the Opry, such is Dead End Boys to This is a Riot. For those of  uís not skooled in the nuances of the Farrell catalog, what that means is, Dead End Boys is essentially the re-mastered UK release of our Canadian released This is a Riot (Stumble Records 2005) Make sense?  Hereís the best part cuzz! klick here!

'Some bands only write lyrics and sing about things from the 50s, but any of the artists we liked in the '50s weren't trying to recreate something, they were creating something new, but the true King of Rock n' Roll is without a doubt Gene Vincent. This isn't my opinion, this is the Gospel. There wasn't a bone in that man's body that wasn't Rock n' Roll. God bless Gene'. states Shawn n' Gordie. For the next 2 years The Farrell Bros toured internationally, with Gordie Farrell takin' over the Dog-house bass duties. In spring of 2002 they found themselves back in the studio with new songs and the right line-up to lay down what would eventually be released in Canada as 'Rumble @ the Opry' on the Teenage Rampage Records, and worldwide as 'Curbstomp Boogie' on Raucous Records. With their recently released recording, 'This Is A Riot' on Stumble Records and videos, the Bros. look to be in for another busy year. The future of Rockabilly is in good hands with Selkirk MB's favorite sons. Here's to havin' yerself a whole lotta fun surfin' the site n' be sure to check out the mP3 jookbox. Hey, don't fergit to sign The Farrell Bros guestbook!


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