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continued...TFB. Ya, we needed one more brother to fill out the band, unfortunately our one other brother isn't a musician. So we have to depend on other people. Back with the 4 piece it was a nightmare to organize the other 2 members to tour, etc. It all culminated in our stand-up bass player ( we won't name names ) getting left on the side of the road one tour. We kept the bass though and Gordie took to it quite handily. We've also been through about 5 or 6 drummers since then. But like i said, we don't have any drummer/family members.

Q. I know that I shouldn't be promoting the competition (I work at UMFM), but your radio show, "Rumble at the Opry" is really cool. I always hear some new (old) stuff that i've never heard. For the readers out there, describe your show, and when it can be heard (ah, the beauty of online streaming....)

TFB. Ya, thanks. Our show is "Rumble @ the Opry with The Farrell Bros." It's on Friday evenings from 5 til 6 on CKUW 95.9 FM. We been doing that show now for about 5 years and haven't even missed one week since starting it. Even when we go on tour we have them play taped shows for us. Basically the show is an hour of us playing Rockabilly and related music from our collections. It's really a good excuse for us to dig into the archives every week and pull out some record we forgot we even had. I'd have to say though the highlight of the show has to be the time we had Jack Scott in as a guest. We interviewed him and there happened to be a couple of guitars and a stand-up bass layin around so we got to back him up on a few songs. Man, that was a treat. We were workin on "Save my soul" at the time for our own set, so we got Jack to teach us that song. We recorded it during the "Rumble" sessions but it never made it onto the record. I think Raucous will probably end up releasing it on a comp. or something though. It really is a pretty cool version.

Q. Who's the true king of Rock n' Roll, in your opinion?

TFB. The true king of Rock n' Roll is without a doubt Gene Vincent. This isn't my opinion, this is the Gospel. There wasn't a bone in that man's body that wasn't Rock n' Roll. God bless Gene.

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